Himbrimi London Dry Gin

The Facts

  • Origin: Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Type: London Dry Gin
  • ABV: 40 %
  • Bottling: 500 ml
Himbrimi London Dry Gin
Himbrimi London Dry Gin


  • Very much juniper forward right up front
  • A super crisp and clear smell, quite fresh in the nose
  • The scent of alcohol is juuust about to tickle your nose but doesn’t quite get there which is a good thing, considering its only 40 % ABV
  • Not really citrussy but rather full of fresh herbs and spices
  • First and foremost definitely the juniper

Neat Sip

  • Fresh and bright feeling transported to your tongue and palate
  • Juniper clearly dominates here, as well
  • A warm mouth feel evolves as the spicier notes come in
  • Quite a long lasting, fresh yet spicy (in a pleasant way) taste remains on the tongue
  • I taste no citrus at all, much rather do I get some kitchen-like herbs
  • Later I realize it’s (“wild arctic”) thyme that generated this earthy and warm mouth feel – even though I’m not a huge fan of thyme, this was rather pleasant

Adding Ice

  • Ice smoothens this gin even further (little surprise)
  • The juniper makes a bit of room for the thyme which comes out even clearer – surprisingly I’m not feeling opposed to this
  • The aftertaste leaves a feeling of alcohol in your mouth which I would not have expected
  • Overall, it looses a bit of power on ice. That’s a pity, since it’s from ICEland – ok, bad pun.

… And Tonic

  • First up: Fever-Tree Indian Tonic
    • Seems to add just the right amount of sweetness to a gin that otherwise didn’t have many sweet notes itself
    • Still, I’m missing a bit of citrus here
    • The tonic is neutral enough to still let the herbal notes of the gin shine
  • Second: Fever-Tree Mediterranean
    • Just what I guessed: that’s a pretty damn good fit
    • It’s a juniper-forward and herbal gin. Very well supported by this rather herbal tonic, without overpowering on the greens
    • Add some citrus (peel or even wedge, e.g. of a pink grapefruit) here and I’m a happy man
  • Alternative: Schweppes Dry Tonic
    • A huge plus here, as we all know, the super high level of carbonation. Gives this gin a certain freshness and – despite being the dry version – a good feeling of citrus
    • A very fresh and honest G&T, which rather complements the original flavors instead of threatening them
    • A nice and even fresher alternative, but not quite as fitting as mix number two.

Summary and Overall Impression

  • A gin which kind of resembles its outter appearence: clear straight forward
  • This isn’t meant in a negative way. But it sticks to the foundations of a traditional London Dry (in my sense) with lots of juniper, angelica and some fresh herbs
  • The citrus profile is widely missing here, which I think is a pity. And it could well use a littler higher ABV
  • Nonetheless, it’s a flavorful gin (especially considering the low alcohol percentage) which will be loved by traditionalists as well as fans of spicy, herbal gins
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