MATS Dry Gin

The Facts

  • Origin: Cologne, Germany
  • Type: Dry Gin
  • ABV: 42 %
  • Bottling: 500 ml


  • An incredibly powering citrus smell hits your nose right upon opening this bottle, which doesn’t really surprise, considering its bright yellow labelling!
  • But there is more to this gin than just citrus: a pleasant earthy scent of piney juniper and some fresh pepper notes accompany MATS Gin’s signature botanical: Buddha’s Hand
  • Although I have never smelled/tasted the fruit, one can clearly tell that those whooping citrus notes are no lemons, oranges or limes. It’s very unique and therefore extremely intriguing

Neat Sip

  • The very first impression is surprisingly sharp, the cubeb pepper really gets to the front here
  • It doesn’t take MATS too long to express its signature citrussy notes on the palate, either, as the taste turns into a composition of (different) citrus notes which is difficult to compare to any other gin I remember
  • The juniper is not as present on the palate, which doesn’t even hurt here. There is just so much more to experience in this gin
  • The finish is not as long, after the gin seemingly vaporizes on the tongue. Some of its very characteristic notes, however, seem to prevail a little longer

Adding Ice

  • A little ice immediately erases the sharpness we felt without ice, which is good as the actual TASTE of pepper remains very present – especially in the aftertaste which is impressive
  • I also feel to taste the Buddha’s Hand a lot better as it gets clearer and easier to get a hand on (pun not intended)
  • Lemon grass, piment and orange blossoms are other botanicals featured in MATS gin and – even though I am unable to fully distinguish all of them – I think this sip on ice is perfect to experience its full complexity

… And Tonic

  • First up: Fever-Tree Indian Tonic
    • This is good but not perfect, I must say
    • Even in an almost 1:1 mix, the tonic somehow overpowers the gin – or is it the gin that’s not strong enough?
    • Anyhow, this surprises me as the neat and on-ice tries were so intese, both smell and taste wise
  • More to come soon…

Summary and Overall Impression

  • Quite a gin unlike any other gin I have tried before, which is good and positive as such
  • The overwhelming and banging citrus notes are pleasantly accompanied/complemented by earthy juniper and some significant pepper accents, which make this gin rather complex
  • I am yet to find the perfect pairing but it seems like a gin which could be used well in cocktails such as an Aviation, Sour variations or a Bramble, I would say
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